The Arthouse Meath

Welcome to the ARTHOUSE Meath charity blog- a non profit Centre of Excellence celebrating the artistic talents of adults living with learning difficulties and severe Epilepsy.


Studio practice

It is hugely important that all ARTHOUSE Meath artists are involved in the process of creating saleable artworks. We employ professionall artists of a high calibre who can adapt their working process to suit all abilities. Over 70 adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties access ARTHOUSE Meath all with varied difficulties and abilties. In order to make sure everyone is involved and feels self worth from the work produced and sold we create group art works. The process of group works enables adults with low dexterity and higher needs to paint on the background of a canvas with specific colours the instructor has mixed. As the groups and ability levels change so do job roles which will include drawing, painting, designing. Everyone has the opportunity to be self expressive, everyone has a sketchbook. All processes are purposeful and no work is redundant.
All the beautiful works you see are derived around the ideas and designs created by the artists, offering an insight and another way of seeing. We embrace the uniqueness and individuality of all the artists whilst celebrating skills.
ARTHOUSE Meath session run 5 days a week Monday to Friday