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Welcome to the ARTHOUSE Meath charity blog- a non profit Centre of Excellence celebrating the artistic talents of adults living with learning difficulties and severe Epilepsy.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Welcome to the Arthouse Meath's New Blog!!

Here you will find images from our studio, work in progress and interviews with the artists.
We are a centre of excellence, proudly celebrating the talents and supporting adults living with severe epilepsy and learning difficulties.

ARTHOUSE Meath is a charitable social enterprise based at Meath Epilepsy TrustARTHOUSE Meath centre of excellence creates and exhibits artworks for sale in printmaking and paintings which celebrate the skills and talents of adults with learning disabilities, many of whom live with severe epilepsy and physical disabilities.

Millions of adults across Britain live with learning difficulties. Many feel the work they create is deemed of little value and often considered redundant. 

ARTHOUSE Meath highly regards the skills and abilities of all its artists. The majority of ARTHOUSE Meath artists experience severe epilepsy. To reduce seizures for those living with epilepsy, it is important the brain is occupied, enthused and interested. This is part of the service we provide.

The freedom of expression and uninhibited creativity of the ARTHOUSE Meath artists makes for very desirable, engaging and honest artwork - as seen in 'outsider', 'raw' or 'native' art forms.

The work offers an insight of viewing the world differently, it has humour and warmth and will inspire us all.

We aim to give artists a sense of self-worth, and develop pride and confidence by showing the possibilities of what can be achieved.

100% of the profits go back into the charity for further development. Money from the work sold goes towards further project development and ARTHOUSE Meath artists all receive incentive payments.

Below is a selection of what we do.

The Arthouse Meath, Prints on Demand

London Eye, Group work

Brighton Pavillion III , Arthouse group Work

Brighton Pavillion II , Arthouse group Work

Blue View, Arthouse group work

Carousel, Arthouse group work 

All of Us, Jane Newton

Refresh, Arthouse group work 

Tea and Biscuits, Arthouse group work

Tea Party xi, Arthhouse group work 

Tea Party xvi

Two Owls, Arthouse group work

Branch Meet, Arthouse group work

 Toucan, Arthouse group work

Stage Left, Arthouse group work

Bird with a Pink Chest, Arthouse group work

Pink Dog, Margaret Mace

Spotty Dog, Marjorie Doherty

 Tamara's Budgie, Tamara Doerfel

 White Birdcage, Helen Hankins

Lady's Best Friend, Helen Hankins

 I'm a Birdy, Michelle Heath
Celebrities Carry Their Dogs.. Sarah Harbott
Kylie Rides Her Tiger, Mel Young and Karen Brown
I'd Eat These Fish, John Mitchell and Karen Brown

 My Uncle John Wears Makeup! Maria Travis

Freedom, Maria Travis 

Arthouse Products:



The Meath celebrate talent regardless of differences - 
Love art, love freedom, love purpose, LOVE ARTHOUSE

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