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Monday, 29 August 2011

in Our Studio Wk 22/08


 Margret Mace
 Michael Gray, Sunflowers and a Poppy field

 Lyn Belcher: Abstract with painter decorator tools on top.
 Transfer of her own ink drawings to be rubbed off next week.

 Still Life with a cat sat on a chair

 A bird hiding underneath.

 The start of a new abstract group work

 Sarah January using carbon paper to sketch out another layer of flowers on top.
Her painting in progress below.

 Grace's sky and cut out of her aeroplanes below

 Seb's Boogie Nights..

 New cards ready to go....

 Never mind the quality feel the width.

 Peter Andrew's Naked Ladies.

 Cityscaping Grandstyle! 

 Drawing cars from the inside- out

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