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Friday, 26 August 2011


I know I know- we have been so obsessed with our products being at Mary Portas' new shop and we keep talking about it but it's quite difficult to ignore it as everyone is so excited and the adverts are everywhere! :) And it's a great achievement for us as everyone worked so hard.
advert on YouTube with our tea towels
advert on Gumtree
I went to see Mary's shop yesterday. As soon as I found House of Fraser on Oxford street (interesting how long the street is - especially with high heels on), I walked through counters, said 'no, thank you' to all the manicures, pedicures, make-up, hair extensions, wrinkle-free creams, and all those magic offers, found an orange lift, and ended up on the third floor.

And because I'm still a girl, not a woman, I ignored all the clothes and tights and shoes and went straight to see our products. First I saw our tea towels, then our cards (4 drawers!!!), prints and notebooks.

I did take a few photos with my phone as I didn't have my camera with me - sorry for the poor quality! Then I had a nice chat with lovely Katie (hello Katie!), who works there and is also interested in becoming a volunteer at the Arthouse! Yay!
Katie holding our print 'King's tea'
Seeing our products in the shop put a huge smile on my face and I felt so proud!

Well done everyone!!!!!

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