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Monday, 7 November 2011

Godalming: Drawing In Our Town!

 Work in Progress.....

Can you find these familiar buildings? 

In the beginning.....
We worked around the edge

 and in our sketch books

Roughly 70% is drawn free hand directly onto the picture.
The other 30% has been drawn in a sketch book and is then transferred.
 This enables us to play with the composition, to get it just right. 

What about the centre?
We thought about a lake, but somebody pointed out that it could look like a giant eye. Then we considered the band stand. Finally we decided to have a band playing with dancers. 

Celebrating both the town- and our hard work!! 

 Well done to both Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon groups for all their hard work.

It's all drawn, we just need to fill in the details and block parts out to get a bit of depth. 

We hope to finish it before Christmas. 

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